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An example of the urban estate register
of manor of Polička

According to the oldest available urban register
of manor of Polička from 1552
the settlement was held by Pavel Vichtu,
who was paying out of 4 roll bars
1 grosch of Saint Jiří tax,
1 grosch of Saint Havel tax and
4 grosch of candlemas tax.
His son Zygmund Pavelcu took over in 1557
for 230 threescores.
In 1602 Šimon Vrbu becomes the owner,
his son Jan afterwards.
After 1620 he leaves the house and also the country
and the settlement remains abandoned.
In 1647 the settlement is sold by authorities to
Pavel Vraspír for 150 threescores. The Vraspír family
holds the house from 1647 until
1983, which is 336 years altogether.
In 1983 the last owner, Vlasta Zahradníková,
the last family member, dies childless
at the age of 69
After her death the settlement changes owners couple of times.
In 1997 Iva and Jiří Prachař become the
owners of the place
and in 2008 open it as a
family guest house